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Sparkling Sangria


Ingredients: Red wine (50% min.), water, sugar, acidulant (citric acid), carbon dioxide, natural fruits and cinnamon extracts.

Alcohol Content: 7 %

Acid: Volatile acidity (in acetic acid) 0.60 Grams/Liter 

Total acidity: (tartaric acid) 4.70 Grams/Liter 

Residual Sugars: 80 Grams/Liter

PH: 3.30


Tasting Notes: A garnet red brilliant color drink. It is expressive on the nose, enhancing lime, lemon and cinnamon notes. Sweet and balanced on the mouth. Serve chilled.


Winery Background: This sangria, presented in a 750ml. glass bottle, is produced in our winery “Los Llanos”, in Valdepeñas, Castilla la Mancha. The origin of this winery dates back to 1875 when, in the half-light of a wine barrel, the story of a Bourgeoisie family that made wine in their wineries of Valdepeñas began.

The “Carabantes Winery” knew all the secrets and possibilities that the grapes of this area had to offer. This knowledge became property of “Cosecheros Abastecedores” when this modern company purchased the family business of Valdepeñas naming it Los Llanos Winery.

Wisdom of both was combined and today Los Llanos Winery produces high-level wines, among which “Señorío de los Llanos” and “Pata Negra”, award winning wines, are the main brands.


Vineyards: Valdepeñas vineyards are known for growing in a soil low in clay, with a high level of limestone rock and good draining. These characteristics of the land, together with dry and sunny climate, are decisive to the correct development of grapes and ripeness achievement. Volatile acidit (in acetic acid) 0.60y Grams/Liter.


Production Process: Clarification and stabilization of red wine. Addition of aromas, water, citric acid and sugar. Ingredients are mixed in stainless steel tanks by stirring. Carbonation. Analytic control. Tangential filtration. Pasteurization. Bottling. Microbiological control of bottled product.





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